UNIR1 Radio Submission

April 20th, 2017

UNIR1 Radio is a professional internet radio station located in Upstate, NY.  It’s mission has always been to promote and develop artists and bands from the ground floor, all the way up to the seasoned veteran artists by introducing and educating them on the latest tools in technology such as internet radio, HDTV and eCommerce marketing as a way to not only generate new untapped revenue sources, but also gain new opportunities and more notoriety.

We are once again opening up our doors for new aspiring artists and bands as well as seasoned artists to submit their music to UNIR1 Radio for airplay consideration on our radio network.

Radio airplay on UNIR1 Radio is free and there are no hidden fees or sales pitches.  There are however a few things we would like you to do before you submit and we have some suggestions for you to perhaps help you and your band grow quicker and also get more radio play on UNIR1™.


Get Your Music and Information Ready

In order to get you started, their are a few things that we need from you.

•  Band Information including your bio, social links, booking information, and anywhere else that you have your music currently up for sale, (if any).

•  Pictures – Send us pictures of your band as well as your CD cover if you have one.  NOTE:  *It is important that your pictures be High Quality.  Also, the bigger the picture, the better we can work with it and will show up nicely on Desktop PC’s and Mobile devices.

•  Music – Please send us your best songs, (up to three tracks).  We accept MP3 format only and the bit rate must be 128 KBPS or higher for optimal quality during radio airplay.

•  Promotion (optional) – Do you have an audio promo?  Great!  Send that to us along with your music.  If you do not have a promo, Please make us an audio promo for your track.  Something simple like, “Hi this is XYZ band and you are listening to our latest track on UNIR1 Radio.  Rock on!”

Promos are great way to gain fans because they not only are used for identification, but the listener now has a voice that they can associate with their favorite band and their song.  Promos not only help you get more fans and traffic, but if done well will get you more radio airplay on UNIR1 Radio.  The more you promote us, the more we promote you! It’s that simple.

FINALLY – Send all of the above by email to UNIR1Radio@gmail.com  We have a (20 megabyte) limit, so feel free to send us as many emails as you want to get your tracks to us.  In most cases, one email will be fine.

Also, just as a precaution By submitting your music and media to us, means that you also agree to our Terms and Services regarding your free airplay on UNIR1 Radio.
For direct customer support call us at the studio at 518-795-9500.  We’ll be happy to assist you.  “Everything Is Better When You and I are 1.”

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